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APT is a governance token of the MetaGround.
MetaGround has previously used the Klaytn-based KAPT token as the governance token. KAPTs have been used to purchase NFT cards in the MetaGround platform, and received as s reward for holding NFT cards. A certain percentage of rewards have also been received with KAPTs whenever a recommender makes a payment.
The MetaGround team has been hoping that not only will the value of the NFT card itself increase, but also users will be able to enjoy real estate investments in a virtual world and receive rewards while holding NFT cards and using the platform.
Until now, Klaytn-based KAPT has been loved a lot, but many changes in KAPT have occurred due to the volatility of the Klaytn price. It was determined that it would be more reasonable for the project to switch to the Ethereum network with higher global scalability than the Klaytn Network, and it would be good for the ecosystem expansion. Therefore, MetaGround team decided to issue Ethereum-based APT tokens and swap the existing KAPT to APT.
300 million APT tokens were issued based on the Ethereum network to increase the value of the project.

Transition to the Ethereum Network

MetaGround has transitioned from the Klaytn mainnet chain to the Ethereum network. We would appreciate it if you could think of it as a result of our decision for a more stable operation in terms of the influx of global users and expandability to the metaverse ecosystem, rather than a grandiose decoration called de-Klaytn.

Token Information

Coin title : Apartment Coin
Symbol : APT
Block chain network : Ethereum
Initially issued amount : 300,000,000 APT
Contract address : 0x89FB13D6513172a0b0F98FfBD5368Efcb3b623Ea