KAPT can be transitioned by KLAY in KLAYswap.
  • KAPT received as a rental in MetaGround can be transitioned to KLAY and can be monetized.
KLAY can be withdrawn in other coins or KRW by transferring IT from KLAY swap to the next exchange.
클레이튼(KLAY) - 코인원(Coinone) 시세 확인 및 거래하기
No.1 가상자산 플랫폼, 빗썸, 클레이튼 거래소
No.1 가상자산 플랫폼, 빗썸
1.170 | KLAYUSDT | Binance Spot
First created a Kailkas wallet to be connected to KLAYswap. Refer to the following link to create Kaikas wallet and add KAPT token.
Guide to making Kaikas wallet
Guide to making Kaikas wallet
Connect Kaikas wallet on KLAYswap website.
KLAYswap (클레이스왑) : Open Source, Non-custodial Instant Swap Protocol
Search for KAPT on the swap menu.
Enter desired amount of KAPT and then SWAP to get KAPT.
When SWAP from KAPT to KLAY, you can exchange by setting FROM and To in the opposite direction.
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