Klaytn Network
KAPT is Klaytn based token, and the trading record of KAPT is confirmed through Klaytn network transaction.
Klaytn is developed by Ground X, a subsidiary company of KAKAO, and it is a block chain development platform for making Dapps of decentralized applications such as Etherium or EOS. It seems that the Klaytn platform is clearly featured that, even if we give up on the decentralization, key element of block chain technology at this time, we should concentrate on equipping institutional foundation, and first keep regulations and develop services more practical and needed by users.
Klaytn is operated in a hybrid space where the task requiring consensus is processed by consensus node (a consultative group of companies), and for the task that doesn’t need an agreement is processed by the public node. Main net Cypress was open to public as an open source in July 27, 2019, and is freely available to anyone. It is featured that producing blocks takes about 1 second, and processing speed has been dramatically improved(over 4,000TPS), and extensibility is prioritized than other block chain.
KLAY, key currency of Klaytn platform, is needed for trading or developing inside the platform. The amount of initial issuance, starting with 100 million reflecting inflation, rises by 2.91 percent each year.
Although it has a drawback featuring that consent is made only when partial agreement is needed, it has less dispersion than other block chain, it gurantees data integrity and transparency equal to other block chain, with speedy TPS assured, which made our MetaGround issue KAPT based on Klaytn network.
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