MetaGround _EN


If you retain real estate property NFT Card, you can get rewards (rental income).
In the virtual world of MetaGround, each house is rented out. In reality, there are leasing on a deposit basis and monthly renting, in the virtual world of MetaGround, tenants pay 1 day rent by calculating an interest rate based on a year. Users holding the MetaGround NFT Cards must attend every day and receive daily rent. Unfortunately, day rent which hasn’t been received is not paid again.
Compensation for holding an NFT Card of the virtual world MetaGround (rental income) is proportional to the NFT Card grade. The number of NFT Cards eligible for earning for each grade is minimum ten (applicable for from grade F to B, grade A and S has no limitations for the accepted number). It doesn’t require an extra compensation application, but you just need to access the MetaGround platform and check your attendance, then you get it automatically. For example, if the earning is paid on each Monday, and the user checked his/her attendance three times a week, earnings only for three days will be counted and paid in a lump on Monday.
Last modified 11mo ago