MetaGround is a real estate based NFT metaverse P2E platform, in which buying apartments in Gangnam can be made in metaverse.

It is a project which began with a simple idea that “I also want to have an apartment in Gangnam”. It can provide a new investment opportunity to those who feel frustrated in reality with the soaring apartment price, those who regret for having missed the timing to purchase apartments, those who imagine what if they had invested in times when the bitcoin cost less than one million won.

Through the view of the real estate metaverse world, it helps to buy NFT Card, real estate property in the digital world and receive rental incomes and it can further create colorful values.

MetaGround enables real estate asset NFT Card classified as local collection in the virtual world to be purchased directly or traded with sellers in the marketplace. All the art property of NFT Card provided in the MetaGround is provided by the MetaGround team.

Our Vision

Future of block chain begging with apartment NFT Card!

  • We believe that real estate investment in the metaverse can be fun.

  • We think that there are more opportunities in the virtual world than the real world, and it is worth promoting on these opportunities more

  • We believe that collecting NFT cards, enhancing it, and battling with locals will eventually contribute to creating a better virtual world

  • Experience happy virtual world life and funs in the MetaGround

We thank all the people who join us.

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