MetaGround _EN


In the metaverse world of Metaground, you can actually build real estate NFTs on mined land.
In the Meta-Ground metaverse world, you can mine lands and perform various production activities. If you mine the lands of Meta-Ground metaverse, you can build and decorate buildings, receive rental income for the relevant building, install billboards, and earn advertising revenues. Alternatively, after applying for business with educational institutions, performance facilities, movie theaters, etc., you can request custom development and do business. This should be done in collaboration with the Meta-Ground team.
Privileges: Among those who own Meta-Ground real estate NFTs, those who own high grade (A or higher) real estate NFTs are given preferential mining rights for the Meta-Ground metaverse lands. In addition, if you mine a land, you can build buildings of the real estate NFT on the land.
Privileges of the preferential mining right are as follows:
1) Preferential area selection right;
2) When mining in the relevant area, high discount rate is applied.