MetaGround _EN


Real estate asset NFT Card can be purchased by the Pack.
The metaverse real estate asset NFT Card is sold by regional collection pack. Beginning with Gangnam-gu, Seoul, you can buy a NFT Card for Seocho-gu, Songpa-gu, and Yongsan-gu, and as it’s a minting type of purchase, the art asset of the NFT Card is selected randomly.
Grades for NFT Cards are determined depending on its scarcity. Grade S with highest scarcity is followed by from grade A to F. Pack is composed of different types such as general pack, general starter pack, classy starter pack, and event pack celebrating its opening.
NFT Card can be purchased by KLAY or APT or ETH. NFT Card can be bought by the pack, and different levels of NFT cards are randomly included inside the Pack. APT is a governance token for the metaverse ecosystem, and it is a Ethereum based property.
You can upgrade the level of NFT Card by combining each NFT Card. Only the same level of NFT Card can be combined, and it doesn’t succeed one hundred percent. If it fails to combine, the NFT Card tried for the combination will disappear. To increase success rate of the combination, first increase the quantity of NFT Cards consumed for the combination so as to mix several NFT Cards, second, purchase item packs that will raise success rate of the combination and use it when combining cards. NFT Cards with higher grades are less likely to succeed in the blending.
In MetaGround, you can purchase an item that prevents NFT Card from disappearing when the combination fails, and an item that can improve success rate in order to protect the real estate property NFT Card or enhance upgrade rate. The item NFT is also divided into tiers. Type A destroy prevention Item protects NFT Cards of relevant grades, type B item is divided into grades depending on how many NFT Cards it protects. Success rate adding item is divided into grades depending on the percentage of its success rate.